Use Archery and Magic to defend Castle Chilly in this Virtual Reality experience
Defense of Castle Chilly is a Virtual Reality game written specifically with room-scaling in mind.
Early Access is now available on Steam. And full-release is planned for August 2017

For a VR game, the virtual world is quite large, and several stand out features will make Castle Chilly different to any other wave defender you've played .
(One feature I'm excited about, is that this is a 100% room-scale walking experience, no 'blink' style teleportation, explore the whole castle with your own legs)

Skill and intuition are a must if you expect to stand in the way of the invading forces.
The bow and arrow mechanics are far more involved than your average archery shooter - it's up to you to keep your quivers re-stocked, and to learn advantageous techniques like speed-loading, enchanting,  as well as plenty of unadvertised tricks that I hope you get the pleasure of figuring out.

In Defense of Castle Chilly, the invading forces goal is the castle gate, so in that way this is a defender game, but they're not exactly going to just let you stop them - so you'll also need to defend yourself at times as well, while still ensuring the castle itself remains safe!

But wait! it takes time to mount an attack - while the enemy is busy regrouping, you are granted time to explore the inside of the Castle! find useful tools and upgrades to help you fight, discovering mystical rooms and unlocking the castles secrets along the way.

The overall experience is Defense, Survival, and Discovery.
Additionally, Asymmetrical Local Co-Op is available
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  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
  • 100% room-scale movement. Use your legs to walk around the entire play area, no 'blink'. Walk through magic doorways (portals) to naturally move between rooms. Additionally: the environment changes to suit your available physical space, to match the virtual world space with your physical world space, to give you natural boundaries and hold immersion.

  • Discovery.  Explore the inside of the castle between attacks. Find new items, solve puzzles  and figure out new techniques for fighting back the enemy hordes.
  • Master Archery techniques. Shooting your bow and managing your ammunition is a skill you'll enjoy mastering. Learn to shoot like a pro, loading arrows from your hip,  battlefield speed-shooting, reloading your hip quiver from your back quiver, and visiting the castles storerooms to re-supply. 
Play Styles
There are two game modes to choose from,
'Campaign' game mode will not be available until later phases
In the meantime, you can enjoy 'Endless' and 'Last Stand' modes

Two play styles: Classic and Arcade.
'Arcade' takes away the advanced archery mechanics, so you can simply enjoy just shooting things, without running out of arrows
(the trade off though, is losing many other cool tricks and techniques like speed loading)
Last Stand
The goblin army mounts their attacks in progressvely more difficult waves. There is time inbetween each wave for you to explore the interior of the castle to resupply, solve puzzles and explore. Items found within the castle may differ slightly each time you play.

If you die, the game is over. If the castle gate is breached - you will fall back inside the castle to protect the throne until your inevitable defeat (see also 'Last Stand')
This mode allows you to skip the rest of the gameplay and go straight to a variation of the throne room scenario (this is when the castle has been breached, and it is your duty to protect the throne until your last breath).

In 'Last Stand' there is no rest, and nowhere to run, just you standing between the throne and the invading forces. Kill as many as you can, survive as long as possible!

Campaign (Preview)

Local Co-Op

Game is in Early Access, so included is a short preview of the campaign. The complete campaign is still being created and will not be made available until full release (feedback and suggestions are very welcome!)
You can have a buddy help you out with the keyboard/mouse or gamepad. The second player joins in as a small flying Fairy, capable of shooting magic bolts and casting spells designed specifically for assistance (The Fairy is a support character). Co-Op can be used on any game mode and any play style (ie: Endless/Last Stand/Campaign), just press 'A' on your gamepad or 'Ctrl' on the keyboard or click the mouse to tag in as the Fairy. Spells include healing, shielding, fireballs and the ability to remotely guide the players arrows!