PC Overlord

(Local Versus)

Forget co-op, this time, the PC player gets the chance to battle AGAINST the VR player, by taking command of the goblin army! Will the VR player survive all waves? or will the Overlord prevail?

As the PC player, plan what comes out of the portal, issue strategic commands, upgrade the goblins, and use special overlord spells to enhance units and outwit your opponent.

As the VR player, your skill and wits will be challenged by your opponents birds-eye control of the battlefield and unique abilities.
Goblin Plebe
Your basic (in all senses of the word) grunt.
All expenses were spared with this one, armed only with a wooden club, this is your main fodder unit, use them in large groups.
Goblin Gladiator
Soldier class of goblin, armed with sword and shield, this unit is difficult to kill, and is able to climb up to your opponents turret and assassinate them
Goblin Sharpshooter
The Overlord
Sharpshooters usually come from rich families, and as such, prefer to stick to the back of the group, taking out your opponent from a distance, letting the rest of your army do all of the dying.
As the PC player (Overlord) you get an interface that resembles that of a real-time strategy game. And a brand new heroic goblin to use! "Drulk Evilcut"

You get all the standard units that the AI army usually gets, although they start off slightly weaker than normal, you will need to upgrade them to make them more effective. Though, when fully upgraded, they end up far superior to their singleplayer counterparts.

Battering Ram
A siege weapon, used to quickly break down the main gate. It moves slowly, pushed along by 6 goblins, the speed wil ldecrease per each goblin killed. If you can make it all the way  to the gate, you'll have it destroyed within seconds
Use the keyboard WASD or Arrow keys to move the camera around the map.
Hold down shift to move faster.

Use your mouse scrollwheel to zoom in and out.

Use your mouse to select and command the units on the battlefield. Hold shift t oseelct multiple units, or hold&drag the mouse for group area seletion.

Actions and abilities also have keyboars shortcuts, found in the upper right corner of their respective icons

Not a Unit. Doesn't cost anything.
This is for laying out your army as they come through teh portal, allowing you to make 'gaps' in your army. Adding these doesn't count towards your queue total.
Commands and Overlord Abilities
There are 4 basic commands, and 4 upgradable abilities.
(From left to right, top to bottom)
1. Run!
Order the unit to immediately run, if they are able to do so. Units stamina is limited, and sharpshooters are too obnoxious to run for anyone, even you commander.
2. Climb
Specifi to Gladiators, if able, orders them to scale the turret wall to assasinate your opponent
3. Attack
If able, orders the unit to attack your opponent directly.
For melee, this means running at them if they're on the ground level, for gladiators this could also mean climbing, and for sharpshooters this simply means loosing an arrow
4. Wait
Halt movement and wait for a few seconds. Useful for deceiving your opponent or for getting units grouped up.
5. Enchanted Sword
Overlord Ability - usable on Plebes and Gladiators
Temporarily grant an enchanted weapon, increasing base damage
6. Spirit Walk
Overlord Ability - usable on Plebes and Gladiators
Temporarily shed physical form and glide down the lane quickly
Units are unshootable while spirit walking
7. Field Promotion
Overlord Ability - usable on Plebes and Gladiators
Casting on a plebe will promote it to a Gladiator
Casting on a gladiator will promote it to a Sharpshooter
8. Rapid Fire
Overlord Ability -  usable on Sharpshooters
Unit will shoot several fire arrows directly at your opponent in quick succession. Less accurate thn standard attacks.

Overlord Upgrades
You do not get access to overlord abilities by default, you will need to spend gold to unlock them and level them up.

The first thing you should upgrade is your portal.​
By default you can only spawn 1 goblin at a time
Upgrade the portal to spawn rows of 3 goblins
​​At the start and end of every wave, you will be awarded gems, gems are spent on units for your next wave. You also earn a bonus 1 gem each time your opponent kills one of your goblins (doesn't apply to npc archers)

At the end of every wave, and every minute, you will earn gold, gold is spent on ugrades
Change Weapons
Switch to sword & shield. While in this mode, Drulk is able to run.  This is a safer stance to be in, as the shield in front obstrucks your opponents arrows. Drulk can attack your opponent in melee mode only if your opponent is on the ground level
Switch to bow & arrow. While in this mode, Drulk can only walk, and is vulnerable to attack. In this mode, Drulk can attack your opponent from anywhere on the map (just right click your opponent or their npc alies, to launch an arrow at them)
Drulk Evilcut
The noble blooded goblin "Drulk Evilcut"
A fearsome warrior, he is proficient with sword and shield, archery, and magic!
Unlike other goblins, the Overlord gets complete control over this hero character, controls and interface are inspired by MOBA games.
To use this character, you must unlock him from the Upgrades menu. He is unique, meaning you can only buy him once per wave.
Energy Strike


Drulk energises his sword and leaps towards the chosen target, slashing his sword through the air, releasing a shockwave of energy in that direction. This is a short range attack, and only useful for ground targets
Energy Arrow


Drulk energises an arrow,  which causes area damage as it passes by, plus, if it hits an obstacle, there's a chance the energy keeps flying through!. This attack must be aimed (skill shot)
Magic Defense


Temporarily protection from all incoming arrows. Drulk is practically invulnerable for a few seconds, but cannot move or attack during this time. Ideal for blocking powerful spells.
Evasive Dash


Quickly dash towards the chosen target. Drulk is vulnerable without his shield, use this ability to dodge incoming attacks in arhery mode.
Summon Reinforcements
Drulk creates a summoning circle and teleports in reinforcements! a small squad of goblins, consisting of 3 plebes, 2 gladiators and 1 sharpshooter. They'll behave exactly as if you brought them through the main portal. A great way to really turn the tide of battle.
Rotate the catapult clockwise or anti-clockwise
Hold down the mouse (or 2/4 on the keyboard)
To aim the catapult.
Hold down with your mouse (or 3 on the keyboard) to charge up the catapults power.

Release the mouse or keyboard to launch the projectile. The longer you hold, the further the projectile will fly.

If "Follow" is checked, camera will track the projectile
Overlords Catapult
The overlords catapult is an unmanned catapult, remotely controlled through magicks of The Overlord (you!).
It will (re)build over time and become usable. Use it to hurl stones at the VR opponent directly, their allies, or the gate itself!
Shards from the stones impact can also cause damage to the player and their allies.

Unlike the trebuchets encountered in adventure mode, these stones are not large enough to crumble the outer walls of the castle.
There is a random chance (5% by default, but adjusted by handicap) that the catapult will spawn a flaming stone, this stone will deal additional damage as it explodes in the same manner a fire arrow does.

There is also a random chance (5% by default, but adjusted by handicap) that the catapult will spawn a Goblin Plebe instead of a stone.
This is essentially a dud projectile, the poor soul hurtling to his death will not cause any damage. Though it is awefully distracting!

The VR Player can destroy your cataputl by shooting it with a fire arrow (or enough ordinary arrows).
Don't worry, the catapult will rebuild itself again, It will take 15 seconds longer than the last time it built but will also gain more health, making it harder for the player to destroy again. Health and buidl time will continue to increase every time it is destroyed (indefinitely).