I've put up some screenshots for you to get an idea of what the game is about. But you really can't compare 2d images to being inside a virtual world. 

I am currently heavily in the development phase, so by the time you've seen these they're probably out of date :) but I'll do my best to update them as I go!
  1. Title 1
  2. Boss
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 7
  7. Title 8
  8. Title 9
  9. Title 10
  10. Title 11
  11. a clue!
  12. Having a bad time
  13. Training
  14. Where you go.. the Castle cannot follow
  15. Title 19
  16. Title 20
  17. Title 21
  18. Title 22
  19. Local Versus
  20. Forest trip
  21. Local Co-Op
  1. Last Stand Leeroy! (The most intense mode)
    Skip all the rest and go straight to the most intense part of the game in Last Stand mode. I try to hold my own on Leeroy! difficulty, I do ok but I still get stomped fast
  2. Old Trailer (Pre-Beta)
    Check out the original trailer, long before even Beta testing commenced! only basic gameplay was working, only *just* enough to demo to the public
Use Archery and Magic to defend Castle Chilly in this Virtual Reality experience